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Smell proof case designed with a stiff backing and elastic hoops to help you carry your.. cylinder shaped things. You get the point, no more ruined adventures!

  • Activated carbon fabric (absorbs odor)
  • ECO-PVC Lining (traps odors)
  • Poker Pocket (poker included)
  • Six elastic hoops (for… cylinder shaped things)
  • Loops for a shoulder strap or carabiner
  • 7″ L x 5″ W x 1.5″ D
  • Patent pending
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Do smell proof bags work? How do smell proof bags work? What is the best smell proof bag?  Well, here’s the answer to all of your questions.

We use the highest quality ACF fabric currently available to line most or our stash bags. Here’s how it works:

Activated carbon is formed by converting a carbon-rich organic material (like wood, coal, bamboo, etc.) into charcoal by heating it to a very high temperature (600 to 1200 deg. C) with an oxidizing agent.  When this activation process is conducted on carbon-fibers it creates a highly exposed surface area due to the extremely small pore sizes that are formed in the carbon.

The process creates countless microscopic tunnels in the fiber that allows particles (often impurities like odor-producing compounds) to bind to the carbon through the function called van der Waals Force.


Stash Logix

The Stashlogix story starts with a dad concerned that his young kids might get into his medicine, especially when they were traveling or off camping in the Colorado mountains. He put his engineering skills to work to solve the problem, and the first Stashlogix bag was born. It didn't take long before all his friends wanted one. So he decided to try an Indiegogo campaign. It was a hit. A company was born. Since then, Stashlogix has been continuously improving, adding products and learning how to serve responsible consumers looking for high quality 'thoughtful, secure & discreet' products.


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