Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag (7×6 inches, Holds Half Ounce)

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  • SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY LOCKS IN ALL SCENTS & SMELLS – Have full confidence knowing the HG Bags contain all smells while keeping your goods fresh!
  • HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH DESIGN – The HG Baggie has a sleek and stylish design that looks great in your home or while traveling. Protect your contents and keep them fresh with the premium storage bag
  • STORES UP TO 1 OUNCE OF HERBS, SPICES, TEAS & DRIED FOODS – The 7×6 inch smell proof bag is the ultimate storage and travel bag! Small, compact and light enough for easy travel!
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Herb Guard – Discreet, 100% Smell Proof Bag (7×6 inches)
Holds Half oz to 1 oz and Keeps Goods Fresh! The Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag is a compact 7 inch by 6 inch bag that holds all of your favorite goods with complete smell proof protection. A discreet and stylish bag, designed with you in mind.

Each bag has a double velcro seal and smell proof carbon lining that traps and eliminates all scents and smells. With a tough and durable exterior, the Herb Guard bag is moisture and tear resistant while protecting your coffee, teas, dried foods, herbs and spices.

Equipped with 2 Smell Proof Travel Bags
The HG Smell Proof Pouch comes equipped with 2 smell proof, resealable and reuseable travel bags. The bags keep your goods separate and organized inside the pouch and isolate your consumable goods from other items you store in the bag.

Perfect for Travel or In Your Home
The Bag is Perfect for Protecting Your Goods While Traveling on the Road or Within the Privacy of Your Home.

Carbon Fiber Smell Proof Technology Traps and Eliminates All Smells

The bag is lined with a carbon fiber, smell proof inner lining. This lining contains tiny pores and pockets that trap any smells that your goods give off. The carbon lining along with a double velcro seal makes the bag 100% smell proof!

Perfect for Parties, Events or Home Storage

The discreet and stylish design makes the bag the perfect accessory for parties, camping and travel or everyday storage needs in your home. The sleek and lightweight design makes the bag easy to travel with and very accessible!



Herb Guard

Herb Guard is a lifestyle brand designed to offer premium products delivered in a sleek, professional design. Our goal is simple, to help you keep your coffee, herbs, spices and dried foods fresh for as long as you need them! Herb Guard operates out of Canada and the U.S. with warehousing in Illinois and Toronto. The HG team is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products when it comes to protecting and preserving your goods. You’ll notice our products aren’t loud or obnoxious. In fact, we take pride in our sleek and subtle style and every product is designed with the customer. We understand that you can have the right mix of functional design and style.


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