CCELL- TH210/ TH 205 Cartridges

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  • Tank Volume: 1.0 ml(TH201)/ 0.5ml (TH205)
  • Standard 510 thread
  • customizable mouthpiece
  • Dimensions¬† 10.5 x 62.0H/ 10.5 X 52.0H (mm)

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CCELL cartridges were engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds of various viscosity. especially high viscosity without any compromise. Disposable design is a guarantee of zero maintenance, perfect leakproofness, and high hygienic standard.

Food and medical grade materials show our attentiveness to quality.

No need for pre-heating and complete vaporization of every last drop indulge our consumers in pure flavor and powerful potency.

CCELL cartridges are THE must-have for connoisseurs who appreciate and treasure luxury experience and care-free moments in life.



CCELL technology helps maintain the true taste of carefully crafted cannabis oils. ( Courtesy of CCELL) In contrast, CCELL ceramic heating elements are composed of a patented formula developed with thermal endurance in mind, meaning they can absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and regularly.


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